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AUW-D dual-range semi-micro balances are the world's first five-decimal balances with the advantages of UniBloc one-piece force cell technology.


Choice of fully-automatic calibrations: PSC and Clock -CAL
Operator can choose from two types of fully-automatic span calibration methods. "PSC" is initiated based on temperature change detection, and "Clock-CAL" operates at user pre-set times (up to three times a day).

Fully-automatic calibration Clock-CAL
The balance automatically performs calibration at selected times, up to three times a day (e.g. before starting work, during lunch-break or after work).

Fully-automatic calibration PSC
The balance detects variations in the ambient temperature that influence accuracy and automatically performs calibration to compensate it.


GLP/GMP/ISO calibration report
Calibration report can be automatically printed with the optional electronic printer. Date, time, serial number and ID are also output to meet GLP/GMP/ISO requirements.

WindowsDirect function
The balance communicates directly to a PC with Windows® applications. No additional software is needed to interface with spreadsheets, databases, word processing, and laboratory software. WindowsDirect works with Windows® 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0, ME and XP. PC must be IBM PC/AT compatible.


Interval timer
Weighed data can be output to external devices at user pre-set intervals.

Piece counting mode

Formulation mode

Specific gravity measurement


Capacity 220g/82g 120g/42kg
Minimum Display 0.1mg/0.01mg
Repeatability (Standard Deviation) ≤0.1mg (large range) ≤0.05mg (small range) ≤0.1mg (large range) ≤0.02mg (small range)
Linearity ±0.2mg (large range) ±0.01mg (small range) ±0.2mg (large range) ±0.03mg (small range)
Response Time Approx. 3s(large range) 15s(small range) Approx. 3s(large range) 12s(small range)
Pan Size (mm) approx. Φ80
Motor-driven Built-in Calibration Weight Yes
Calibration Modes PSC, CLock-CAL, Touch-key with built-in or external weight
WindowsDirect Yes