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PT. Saintifik Indonesia is one-stop sourcing and procurement for laboratory and scientific equipment, fabrication of fumehood, benches, safety cabinet, laminar flow cabinet, etc. We are located at 82 Bungur Besar Raya Street, Jakarta, Indonesia. PT. Saintifik Indonesia is a sister company of CV. Berkat Saintifindo, which sited at Jl. Gunung Krakatau No. 10A , Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Established in 2000 as a distributor of laboratory and scientific products, PT. Saintifik Indonesia provides procurement and engineering solutions for industries and those who enquire analysis products.

Our mission is dedicated to exceed our customer’s expectation through our understanding of their business needs.
Many international top brands are being distributed to Indonesia by PT. Saintifik Indonesia, such as:
•    Isolab (Labware GmbH – Germany)
•    Julabo (Refrigerated/Heating Circulators – Germany)
•    IKA (Laboratory Technology – Germany)
•    Shimadzu (Electronic Balances – Japan)
•    Myron L (Water Quality Instrumentation – USA)
•    Perkin Elmer (Spectrophotometer and Analytical Instrument – USA)
•    Fortuna (Dispenser and Volumetric Glassware – Germany)
•    Volac (Micropippete and tips - United Kingdom)
•    Velp (Jar test, water test equipment - Italy)
•    Binder (Oven and incubator - Germany)

We also distribute other top quality brands, such as:
•    Besttech (Extraction heating unit)
•    Electromantle (Extraction mantle)
•    Unisafe Shower (Safety for laboratory)
•    Zeal + (Sounding thermometer)
•    Fischer (Centrifuge)
•    Hach (Water testing equipment)
•    Thermolyne (Heating equipment)
•    Memmert (Oven, Incubator)
•    Schott Duran (Glassware)
•    Brand (Glassware, liquid handling equipment)
•    Lovibond Tintometer (Colorimeter)
•    Method (Gas & water fittings, laboratory sink and waste system)
•    Siglass (Condensor, Soxhlet and boilling flask)
•    Nabertherm (Furnace)